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[Sang by Skulhedface]

How inquisitive, and delighting you've inquired who the hell I am..

Allow me to elucidate, perhaps pontificate

Upon the state of my most great and perfect plan

I am he who has been him back when man

Swam Pangean seas as aquatic apes I am he who has been her as she once

Bled the world with the words of psychotic fate

While GWAR slept I kept their minds content

To give their flesh consent to my

Ever loving seed

Undying research has given to death, rebirth

The tools of urber science to fight

Most faceless enemies

Who do you think your up against?

Some chaotic stupidity I'll show you conflict management

With my extensive

Supergeniosity Inventions of my secret lab

The Homogenizer

It studies the species Bohad Homo cum sum a tor

What is it that makes the ideal man?

Bravado? Machismo?

Is it something secreted from the gland?

It's called Jizmogloben

If death, to you is a bore

And life just seems to lack

Consider becoming a whore

To the lesson of the past

The end of all time after time after time

Has left the world wanting for new hopes and fears

I have produced a new product line

With cryptic truth too horrible to hear I've got the guts to face

Skulhed We've got the guts to face

Skulhed We've got the guts...

Words that healed.

Legend that have taught

Oral traditions both fought for and lost

Secrets of success.

Shouts filled with hate

Documents declaring freedoms of state

I bleed humanity's figurines of history

I weave travesties tapestries of infamy

But I can't deny it always as such

Oh no, nada, nein, non, nyet, nix, not!

Pathetically beautiful I was once then

Ruled peaceful planets, sublime, before sin

It's so easy to not see

The obvious enemies

To put your problems on I've been sick of it all along

Now the ultimate morph into

Powers that will dwarf

The sum of every nation

And all known information

If you can't stand it the way

I have planned it I'll export you off the Earth, sell ya for all your worth

Then your enemy will have a face - traitor of the human race

As your shipped off to the innermost reaches of outer space

Yes! The best I possibly can be

Applause for me.

The insidiously `live` spelt backwards

Mr...Dr..Prof... Skulhedface

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