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(Verse 1)
The Future is on Fire
of a dying breed.
Don't understate our relevance,
We're the eyes and the Walls
and we witness the Vultures feed.




Stay wide awake.
Stay wide awake.Yeah!


Make haste 'cause predators precede.


Stay wide awake.
Stay wide awake.Yeah!


While all the Vultures feed.

(Verse 2)

Like angles in a sphere,
of our own design.
No more perpetual innocence.
With words we make shapes,
and our angles can align.


And our appetite's careless and menacing.

It humbles me...

We breath softly ?as like the predator?

Such is a sight to see.

(Chorus 2x)

Stay wide awake,
While all the vultures feed (x4)
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