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Tune all standard stings down 1/2 Step (B Eb Ab Db Gb)



Verse (x4) or an octave higher at:
|-------------| |----12--------|
|-------------| |-10----8--8-9-|
|---10--------| |--------------|
|-9----7--7-8-| |--------------|

Verse Fills

Pre Chorus


-Verse x4 w/ Fill 1
-Verse x4 w/ Fill:

verse, prechorus, and chorus
|-----------------------------5-5-5-5-| |----1-1-3-3-5-5-|
|-------------------------------------| then verse |-3-3------------| then verse
|-333333-333333-333333-333333---------| riff x4 |----------------| riff x4
|-------------------------------------| |----------------|

|-----8---| then prechorus riff 1

Outro (from prechorus riff 1)

Play Chorus

Taken from The BassMasta --

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