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I came back on the trail of a man
things are the same as when i left
well, i so wanted to say hey
but i know you think my sentence was too light

now, time should have put this behind us
some things i won't soon forget
bride & bridle are too close in a man's mind
and i know you think my sentence was too light

you, you weren't true
but i can't blame a woman who changes
three thousand, six hundred, and fifty-odd days i waited

time, i did my time

now i long since quit feeling my hands
still, three men have a date with me
i could have found them all before now
and i know they think my sentence was too light

your father bet ten years against this day
he wed his girl to a better man
but he stands here now with his hat in his hands
and i know he thinks my sentence was too light
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