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Band: Incubus
Song: Pistola
Tabber: Andrew Biles
Ok, I've worked this out from the 'Live at Lullapalooza' cd so parts are off
and I haven't quite worked out the solo yet.
The slide seems almost an accidental so that's why it's in brackets
Last time the riff is played going into the next riff, the bass note slightly changes to...
I think it is right for the next part, something very similar if it's not
I'm not totally sure about the third chord, to me it sounds like changes but not sure
play that chord over with a funk style rhythm
There's a wah solo here that I have no idea about, so improvise, or if you know
it, put it in the comments section please
at the end, you want to play the E power chord over when it's still distorted,
but then when it becomes clean play this chord
and that's the whole song (minus the solo).
any questions?

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