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I have decided to transcribe as many Incubus tabs as I see fit since almost all I have seen
online are grossly incorrect. Sorry everyone, but some of you are just plain tone deaf.
This song is probably more appropriately tabbed using a 5-string, but since hardly
anyone (including myself) owns one, I've decided to tab this one with a standard 4-string.
Tune the E string down to a drop D (by matching A string to 7th fret on E). There might be
minute nuances I have missed, but this tab exists to simply provide a general framework
of the song. If you hear something different, drop me a message at
(it would also help putting Incubus tab as the subject) and I'll edit the tab. For the
most part everything should be correct, but like I mentioned, email me if you think I
have corn cobs in my ears, along with your interpretations. Thanks and enjoy.



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