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The first time I met the blues
People, you know I was walkin' down through the woods
Yes, the first time I met the blues
You know, you know I was walkin' down through the woods

You stopped by my house first, Mister Blues
And blues, you didn't do me much good
You, should have heard me beggin'
Blues, don't murder me

Aw, you, you should have heard me begging
Mister blues, don't you murder me
You know, you be with me every morning, Mister Blues
I just got to know what you want with me

Ah, good morning, good morning, Mister Blues
I'd like to know what you're doing here so soon

Good morning, good morning, good morning
Good morning, good morning, Mister blues
I wonder, I wonder what you're doin' here so soon

You'll be with me every morning, Mister blues
You'll be here every night and every noon

Yeah, Mister Lenny Picket ladies and gentleman
Let's give Len a big hand
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