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Nice to know you
Normal tuning


Effect setup:

What to do: Swell the volume on the guitar to get this streaming sound.

Needed for the Chorus:

Needed for the Verse:
What to do: Just like playing the intro but the ~ means to slide your pick.
You play the swelled notes then you do a pick slide. You can hear it very distintly
in the song. Also when you do the pick slide, you still have delay and phaser on.

|-0---|-0---|-0---|-0---| |--------|
|-0---|-0---|-0---|-0---| |--------|
|-2---|-1---|-4---|-3---| |-7-72--| X2
|-2---|-2---|-5---|-4---| |-7-72--|
|-0---|-0---|-5---|-4---| |-5-5

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