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Incubus - Love hurts

Light Grenades

Tabbed by: Tom Lavery

email: webmaster at

AIM: railmaster123

Another hit off the album, enjoy!

Standard Tuning (EADGbe)

Intro/Chorus: [light distortion]








tonight we drink to youth

and holding fast the truth

don't want to lose what i had as a boy

my heart still has a beat

but love is now a feat

as common as a cold day in L.A.



Amin Cmaj Dmaj

-5- -8-- -10-|

-5- -8-- -10-|

-5- -9-- -11-| {I realize you can play these chords elsewhere, this is where

-7- -10- -12-| they are played in the song!}

-7- -10- -12-|

-5- -8-- -10-|


sometimes when I'm alone I wonder


is there a spell that I am under

Amin Cmaj Dmaj

keeping me from seeing the real thing

Chorus: {Same as intro}

love hurts

but sometimes it's a good hurt

and it feels like I'm alive

love sings

when it transcends the bad things

out of heartache, try me

cause without love I won't survive


tethered and abused

stand naked and accused

should I surface, this one man submarine

I only want the truth

so tonight we drink to youth

I never lose what I had as a boy



Chorus: [Acoustic]

Emin Bmin

love hurts

Dmaj Amin

but sometimes it's a good hurt

Emin Bmin Amaj Cmaj

and it feels like I'm alive

-Tom LaveryAdded by and our distinguished partners
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