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Subject: i/incubus/

tabed_by---liliana_novais date---03/07/2002 This is my first tab in OLGA_TABS .I play guitar since 12 years old ,i´m 15 now. I choose ---GLASS--- cuz it´s my favorite song of ---INCUBUS---. This song is not very hard to play,but you need some pedal EfectS for the right Sound. This song is very "FAST",except the PRÉ and CHORUS part, listen the CD to get the rhythm. LET´S START YOUR MISSION.................. x--gost note ~--let it ring --slide(down) r-rest p.m.-palm muted "--distortion *--WAH-WAH pedal("clean") INTRO G|*****************-|----------------| D|77777777777777777-|----------------|
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