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INTRO Corrections 
Subject: i/incubus/

song: Echo
Artist: Incubus
Album: Morning View

comments and questions are welcomed.

Note: I think in this song is very hard to get the ideas of what
does the guitar play. Because of this my tab will be probably wrong,
but anyway I tried to tab everything that i heard.
Turn tuning to dropped D


|-0--0------------0----0-------| I didn't waste time figuring out
|-0----0----------3------3-----| the verse, just play the chords
|-7------7--------4--------4---| and improvise some arpeggio.
|-7--------7------4------------| Sometimes just play the chord



Chorus:  play same thing as intro

To make your guitar sound similar to the one in the tape try to
low the tone or/and play it with wah-wah but keeping the pedal



Play chorus again
and finish with this a few times


That's all...
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