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drive_live.tabsong title: drive

artist: incubus

album: make yourself

tabbed by: Arvil Isaiah Villa


this is the first time iíve written a tab so excuse my mistakes

i've seen tabs of this song and i figured it was easy however, most tabs

don't sound like the real thing. i've read alot of tabs and watch a video

of incubus playing the song live. i've think i got a loyal version (did

i said that it is also easy) of the song, i'm not mike einziger to be able

to play it accurately like the "man" does.i also believe that mike does make

variations in each live performance.heís probably one of the most talented

guitarists today.

here it is:












------2--2--2--------2------- 2--2--2-----2-----



"itís driven me before.......







vague.... haunting mass......

the pre-chorus is played 2x but on the 2nd time around just hit the

open 5th string and strum the chord once.

the solo:

i derived the solo from various tabs but modified it to what i think

(at least thatís what my ears tell me) is right. mike einziger adds his

personal style to the guitar solo. thatís what i did and it sounds quite


legend: []-optional note (it won't matter if you don't hit it,still sounds






















for the end part play the first two chords of the pre-chorus

if thereís any comments, suggestions or violent reaction generated by this

tab just e-mail me. the address is on the upper part of the page.

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