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Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 22:14:17 -0400
Subject: i/incubus/circles.btab 

Song: 	Circles
Artist:	incubus
Album:	Morning View
Tabbed By:	Ryan Santy,

Here is the 4-string tab to CIRCLES, thanks again to Scott Crist for setting up the 5-string version from which this was transcribed from.  
The only parts i have changed are the B and E string.  the rest of this tab is of course Scott Crist's work.  Again, mad props to Scott.

Intro/ Verse

like i've said before, this is just the notes, i'm not trying to represent any rythm.
just listen to the song for that...

do this version of the riff 3 times


and then do this one on the fourth time

D-0-3---0-3-0-3----5-5-5-5----     i'm pretty sure about that G, but you can just use whatever note is comfortable with your ear.

Odd Riff

Ok so this riff threw me off for a little bit, but it's best if you think
of it like this..

just count the number of beats.

  1 2 3 1 2 3 4     kind of like 7/4, but it's like just weird feel,
G-----5-------5-     but this method seemed to work for me. And be sure to
D-----5-------5-     slap and pop this portion of the song, just slap the D 
A---------------     and pop the G and C chord.


Make sure you're insync with the bass drum on this one.

G----------------------------------------- the hammer on has to be like
D----------------------------------------- super fast because it's almost like
A-----2----------2--------8-8-3-3--------- a dead note but it's actually the open B.
D-0-0---0--3-0-0---0--3-----------6-6-3-3- you could probably just get away with using a dead
                                           note if you wanted to.
Pre Chorus Riff

what i like to do is make that C kind of like a power chord and use my
15th fret G and C, and make a cool little sound. I don't think Dirk does
this but the guitar kind of covers it, so do what you want.



this is a pretty cool part buti'm not really sure on the hammer on
  but that's the only thing that i couldof that he would be doing i
to get that sound.


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