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Subject: i/incubus/

Band: Incubus
Song: Aqueous Transmission
Album: Morning View
Tabbed By: Steven Carey 10-8-01 (

Dropped D Tuning

this is accually played on a sitar but to play it on guitar just = slightly
bend the notes now and then and pick as close to the bridge as you can.



thats played through the whole song. ALL 7 MINUTES OF IT. its still a = good
song though and that little guitar part can be a little tricky at first.

Here's another version of this song. I think it's easier to play.

Drop D tuning



This tab is good as far as the notes and pitches, but if you try a way of pickin
g called the ^SKyoto Technique^T it sounds almost exact. The song was on played
on a Japanese instrument called a Kyoto, to replicate the sound, while playing w
ith a pick (this is a must!), place the index finger of your plucking hand, harm
onic style, on the fret one octave higher than the fret your playing at. It^Rs
kind of difficult (at least I think so), but it does get that sound.
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