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Hello !
Farewell to these marshes
Hemmed in like a boar between arches
Her very lowness with a head in a sling
Iím truly sorry - it sounds like a wonderful thing

I said charles, donít you ever craze
To appear on the front of the daily mail
Blessed in your motherís bridal veil ?
Oh ...
And so, I checked all the registered historical facts
I was shocked into shame to discover
I am the 18th pale descendant
Of some old queen or other

Oh, has the world changed, or have I changed ?
Oh has the world changed, or have I changed ?

Some 9-year old tough who peddles drugs
I swear to god
I never even knew what drugs were
So, I broke into the palace
With a sponge and a rusty spanner
She said : I know you, and you cannot sing
I said : thatís nothing - you should hear me play piano

We can go for a walk where itís quiet and dry
And talk about precious things
But when youíre tied to your motherís apron
No-one talk about ...

Past the pub who breaks your body
And the church whoíll snatch your money
The queen is dead, boys
And itís so lonely on a limb
Past the pub who wrecks your body
And the church - all they want is your money
The queen is dead, boys
You can trust me, boys

Life is very long, when youíre lonely
Life is very long, when youíre lonely
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