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I donít know,
I donít know which side Iím on.
I donít know my right from left,
Or my right from wrong.
Say Iím a fool,
Say Iím not for you.
But if Iím a fool for you,
Thatís something.
Two hearts beat as one.
Two hearts beat as one.

Canít stop the dance,
This is not our chance.
I canít stop the dance,
Maybe this is not our chance.
Two hearts beat as one.
Two hearts beat as one.

Beat on black,
Beat on white,
Beat on anything,
Go get it right.
Beat on you or beat on me.
I donít know,
How to say what has got to be said.
I donít know if itís black or white.
Thereís otherís who see it red.
I donít give the answers right.
Iíll leave that to you.
Is this love out of fashion?
Or is it the time of year?
I have these words to sections.

Too late to one of you.
Two hearts beat as one.
Two hearts beat as one.

Iíll shine my spirit aloud.
Try to explain.
What I feel.
Two hearts.
I canít stop the dance.
Baby, this is my last chance.
I said donít stop the dance.
Baby this is not our last chance.
I said, canít stop the dance.
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