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m: Mary Causey 

"A Certain Shade of Green"
by Incubus
off the album: S.C.I.E.N.C.E
transcribed by Chris"the lizard" Causey
submitted by Mary causey:

I have only figured out the chords for now. Once I get the rest of it,
I'll tab it out.

really easy!!!
intro riff: with distortion
//// //// //// //// // //// //// //// //// //
D D# D F D#D B B

/ * / * / * / * *= the weird vocal-scratch noise that
A# A# A# A# is in between the chords.

verses riff:
--------- this is played with the lyrics
------4-- its kind of sudden so you'll have to
------4-5 listen for when to come in.
p.m. w/ distortion

chorus: same as intro riff.

verse1: A certain shade of green,
tell me, is that what you need ?
All signs around say move ahead.
Could someone please explain to me your ever
present lack of speed?
Are your muscles bound by ropes?
Or do crutches cloud your day?
My soures say the road is clear,
and street signs point the way.

chorus: Are you gonna stand around 'till 2012 A.D.?
What are you waiting for, a certain shade
of green?
I think I grew a grey watching you
What are you waiting for, a certain shade
of green?

verse2: Would a written invitation
signed, "choose it or lose it all",
sedate your hesitation?
Or inflame and make you stall?
You've been raised in limitation
but the glove never fit quite right.
The time has passed for hand-me-downs,
choose anew, please evolve,
take flight.

What are you waiting for???
A written invitation?
A public declaration?
A private consolation?
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