Incognito - True to Myself

Things are not always what they appear to be

Beneath the calm exterior

There can be a soul on fire

Truth is not always what the eyes can see

The smile upon our faces

Can disguise our pain and hide the traces

*Sometimes the rock that we depend on

Melts into the ground and disappears

The one thing you thought was forever

Slowly washed away by all the tears

**If I gotta be true to no other

I gotta be true to myself

Raise up your head now so the world can see

You have the inner vision

Though the fight is far from over

You've got to battle with it endlessly

Before life becomes a rumour

A sudden risin' tide that pulls you under

(repeat *, **)

(True to myself)...

(True to myself)...

If I'm gonna make it come tomorrow

(True to myself)

Hallowed be the voice of constant sorrow

(True to myself)

Gotta climb the ladder if I'm able

(True to myself)

I can't keep this shining light under the table, my love

(True to myself)

I wanna be, I gotta be true to myself, hey, hey

(True to myself)

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