Incognito - Stone Cold Heart

(J.P. Maunick / J Malcom)

All along, you did nothing wrong

Still I'm missing something strong

And I feel I don't belong - Oh no

What should I do?

But tell the truth

'Cos it's been eating me away

And I'm burning just to say

That we can't go on this way, oh no

What should I do? What can I do?


And now I wish that I

Could give you more, than a stone cold heart

I wish that somebody would have told me

Then this would have been unnecessary

You're asking me why, but I just can't lie

You gave me more, than a stone cold heart

In a million years I never, ever thought we'd have to end this way

Now we've come this far and we

Find it hard to just be friends, and it's better if we end this way

I don't wanna lead you on no more


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