Incognito - I Love What You Do for Me

Smile, like a happy child

Feelin' safe in your embrace

Shine, sunshine

Kiss you warmly on your face

This is the place where I am free

There is no where else I'd rather be


Than here in your arms

Hypnotised by your charms

Every touch means so much

Boy, you blow my mind

I love what you do for me

(I love what you do, I love what you do)

What you do for me, baby

Close your eyes

And I'll creep into your dreams

Through your mind, weave a secret on your soul

All that you dream, I'm dreamin' too

No one else could take the place of you

(I wanna be)


I love what you do for me

Close to you's where I wanna be

Baby, baby, baby, baby (Oh)


Repeat (Fade

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