Incognito - Fountain Of Life

Chase the sunrise, people come together

Feel the glory of the new day

Feed the feeling, gather friends and strangers

Come together make it stay this way


Looking for the fountain of love

We fell into a cool paradise (He yeah hey yeah)

The rythm of the sand and the sea

Is where we've always wanted to be

I've been looking

(Looking for the fountain of love)


(Fell into the cool paradise)

I've been in search of paradise

(The rythm of the sand and the sea)

Sand and sea

(Where we've always wanted to be)


Always, wanted

Always searching for a new direction

Your heart desires a better state of mind

Mother nature will provide the feeling

In the sunshine, happiness you'll find


We've been holding on

Waiting for this day to come our way

Holding on

We've been holding on

Waiting for the light to shine our way

(Holding on)

Always waiting

Sayin' (free me, free me, free me)


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