In Solitas

In Solitas - An Ode To Our Last Tidings lyrics

I wanted naught more than to offer her my essence

She asked for an ode to our last tidings

An effigy to behold as our wings grasped the sky

They were the nonentity and the finite beings

But we were everlasting

Our ashen feathers intertwined

Delighting in obituaries inked in cinders

They watched from lesser cathedrals

Possessions would never supersede our bond

Lions could never tear us apart

We would never reach appendices of intercession

But they erected a tower with a likeness to Babel

And made a greed-ridden ascent to the seraph and his archangel

We fashioned the tears that became their jealousy scythe

And watched them writhe from the burden of their decline

We were the infinite beings who prevented the last Great Deceiving

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