In Solitas

In Solitas - An Ode To Our Last Tidings

Still afraid

Still without you now


But without a doubt

IæŠÂ Â¦ waiting

IæŠÂ Â¦ losing sleep

And soon enough itæŠÂ Â¯ gonna bring me down

But I want to be over you

I want to be over, over you

But it takes more and IæŠÂ Â¦ willing to give you whatever it is

If we take this time now, we can kill this hope

But then again IæŠÂ Â³e gotta know

Can you picture possible anything at all

Can you picture anything with anyone but me

What do you think IæŠÂ Â¦ waiting for

Do you still believe

Me with you

Me with you

Cause I want to be over you

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