Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop - Search And Destroy lyrics

you look something beautiful, smeared it all with blood

both hands out in front of you when push comes to shove

proudly you cash in on those that you violate

standing tall for everything that I've come to hate

I want to see you fall... down.

you will not succeed, you will drown, choked by your greed.

hatred swells inside my head, blind and only seeing red.

ludicrous, lost in thought, this anger inside is all I've got.

unaware of what it costs, absent of love I'm already lost.

I call the kettle black

and black is my state

what is wrong and right

my bitter heart cultivates hate.

so consumed by your intentions,

my own blood becomes fermented,

clutching my own will, and I've already killed.

I call the kettle black

and black is my state of mind

what is wrong and right

forgiveness is hard to find

just beneath the gnashing teeth

of pride and animosity

I feel my heart still beating

I hear myself still breathing

there comes a time when we have to face

the reflections of the world in our ways

for all have sinned and fallen shy

of the grace that's shown in both our lives.

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