Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop - Mass Production lyrics

Pop/bowie<br><br>Before you go<br>Do me a favour<br>Give me a number<br>Of a girl almost like you<br>With legs almost like you<br>I'm buried deep in mass production<br>You're not nothing new<br>I like to drive along the freeways<br>See the smokestacks belching<br>Breasts turn bronw<br>So warm and so brown<br><br>Though I try to die<br>You put me back on the line<br>Oh damn it to hell<br>Back on the line - hell<br>Back on the line<br>Again and again<br>I'm back on the line<br>Again and again<br>And I see my face here<br>And it's there in the mirror<br>And it's up in the air<br>And I'm down on the ground<br><br>By the way<br>I'm going for cigarettes<br>And since you've gotta go<br>Won't you do me that favour<br>Won't you give me that number<br>Won't you get me that girl<br>Yeah, she's almost like you<br>Yes, she's almost like you<br>And I'm almost like him<br>Yes, I'm almost like him<br>Yes, I'm almost like him<br>Yeah, I'm almost like him

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