Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop - Little Electric Chair (featuring The Stooges) lyrics

You can take a powder

You can take a drink

You can keep the shrink

And the kitchen sink

Write my name in heaven

in invisible ink

I just woke up from dreaming, I think

You can take me over

You can give me a lip

You can take me under

You can give me the slip

Take off everything or tear me off a strip

Like a lady in the chamber

and another in the clip


Don't move a muscle baby

Don't even flinch

You can miss me by a mile

Or just inch by inch

Inch by inch

Inch by inch

Inch by inch

You can pull me up again

Inch by inch

Inch by inch

As pulses race

I long to see that look upon your face

You can take me outside

You can take me apart

You can take me upstairs

you can take me to heart

You made me love you when

you thought you were so smart

Don't try to stop me when

you told me to start


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