Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop - I’m a Conservative lyrics


I used to lead a quiet life

In fact it was a bare existence

I passed out on many floors

I don't do that any more

Hello my friends

Is everybody happy?

Hey look me over

Lend me an ear

I'm a conservative

I like the small black marks on my hands

I'm a conservative

I like the crazy girls that I screw

Hey I know them all well

And when I run out of bread I laugh

All the way to the bank

Sometimes I pause for a drink

Conservatism ain't no easy job

I smile in the mornings

I live without a care

Nothing is denied me

And nothing ever hurts

I got bored so I'm making my millions

When you're conservative you get a better break

You're always on the rigltt side

When you're conservative

You walk with pride

Pride is on your side

Pride pride pride

Is on our side

Oh boy

Pride is on our side

I like my beer

I like my bread

I love my girl

I love my head

I'm in the clear man

I'm in the dear

Because I'm a conservative

I'm a conservative

I really am


And it would mean so much to me

If you would only be like me

Yes it could mean so much to me

Hey look me over

Lend me an ear

I'm a conservative

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