I Hate Kate

I Hate Kate - Inside Inside


I really hate to keep the static off my mindstate

Make my escape and seperate from all the dead weight

I break like awol[?] through walls of obstacles

And stab the mind that's evil like needles in voodoo dolls

Keep sharpening my ways of thinking to keep the ship from sinking

Family link is more precius than golden lincolns

Some make material objects the focus of their quests

While I search for knowledge, third eye will never rest

I bless the mic with niceness and flex the mental like biceps

Y'all will collapse from stress if you're not taking the right steps

Insure your position in this hip-hop mission

In general it's hard to realize what we envision

Put total dedication into my occupation

With total concentration I will wreck any location

And captivate the masses with the rhymes that I generate

Move like contra band over the borders of your mindstate

[CHORUS: Desi Dilauro singing]

Mindstate. Yeah. All caught up

I be falling in his mindstate. Yeah, keep falling


Dive into the depths of the mindstate

To phatoms you can't fathom, foes and friends get the bends

Nitrogen enriched blood creating hallucinating

Check the dread he's got it in his head


I got lots on my mind, thoughts shine like diamond mines

'Bout the brothers with the nines and how I'll make a dime

I'm not trying to see lockdown in this world like Alcatraz

But with every step you take, problems follow that asssss


Complex shit get figured out like trigonometry

Politics is like instant lobotomy

It's all in your own mind, check your bookshelf

It's full of knowledge and knowledge is true wealth


This goes out to all the people struggling

Me and my crew be huddlin' and making sure we ain't stumbling

Without sure footedness you get lost in the abyss

That's why mindstate will always be at its sharpest

[CHORUS: Desi Dilauro singing]

Mindstate. Yeah, take your time

I be falling into his mindstate, yeah

Falling deeper and deeper and deeper

Mindstate. Yeah, I keep on falling

I be falling into his mindstate, yeah

Keep on falling


I'm over your head like high wire

I'll make you sweet, I mean sweat just like Chris Spier

I'll sit back and read Allen Poe

Whole bunch of MCs still talk about how to cap a ho

It's all apro-pro inappropriate to create shit while the corporates


I wake late with the cold sweats

Through on the ??? and the blues and the puma sweats

I want to peep the happenings in my borough

I wipe my fr-ow and walk over to the window

Then I evaporate like methanol inside my central mental

Mindstate, sharp to penetrate you left ventricle

Like cupid's arrows to sparrows you're in trouble

Without Hubble you can't focus upon Shade Of Culture's bone marrow

Now your gasping, spazims and the chazims

Open up to expose your final place of repose

[CHORUS: Desi Dilauro singing]

Mindstate, yeah. Miiiiiindstate

I keep falling into his minstate, yeah

Falling deeper and deeper and deeper

Minstate yeah. Take your time

I keep falling into his mindstate, take your time yeah

Confusion, confusion

Illusion, illusion

No intrusion, nooooo intrusion

No substitution

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