Hoyt Axton

Hoyt Axton - When the Morning Comes lyrics


(And) When the morning comes and you gotta get up

How you going to find your shoes

In an empty bed with an achin' head

You know its got to give you the blues

I don't know what's going on here,

I know things are not all right.

If you want me to I'll go dear,

If you want I'll stay all night.

I came here with my broken heart,

Wrapped away with care,

And all you do is sit and drink,

And stare ---- at your T V.


You ask me why I came here,

But you're the one who phoned.

I wasn't very happy,

But I did alright a lone.

I thought you learned to love me,

I guess you never will.

The key's lost to the kingdom,

And I don't have time to kill.


Instrumental: Verse


So it's goodbye Carolina,

So long Tennessee.

California's callin',

And Chicago's good to me.

My feet are in the stirrups,

My pony wants run.

Think I'll hit the highway,

I guess your not the one.

Chorus 2x

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