Hoyt Axton

Hoyt Axton - So Hard To Give It All Up lyrics

So hard to give it all up when you have what you want

So hard to realize you've been a fool again

Sometimes when you take what you want you lose what you love

So hard to realize I'm losing you again

Up on the mountain is a motherless son

Sometimes he howls just like a wolf on the run

We're all just children and we're lost in the woods

The woman I love tells me she's misunderstood

And I say so hard to give it all up...

[ fiddle + harmonica ]

She knew she had me by the look in my eyes

She had the power she could sure hypnotize

I had been living in a fanciful dream

My heart was broken worse than you've ever seen

I say so hard to give it all up...

[ harmonica ]

So hard to give it all up...

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