Heavy Metal Perse

Heavy Metal Perse - Ja Ylitse Vihaisen Meren

Magic (ms. peaches) talking:

You big fine ass motherfucker

I need to know one thing is you freaky? (oh come on now)

Huh? I said is you freaky? ( boy you better stop playing with me)

You hear what the fuck I’m saying

So don’t act like you don’t hear me (you crazy)

I need to know is you bout that freak girl

(I ain’t really tripping)

Alright well if it’s on it’s on

I need to know is you bout that freak girl

(boy I’m not really tripping)

Alright well if it’s on it’s on

I need to know is you bout that freak girl

(I said I’m not tripping)

Alright well if it’s on it’s on

I need to know is you bout that freak girl

(look boy stop playing I said I’m not tripping)

But look look

Verse 1: magic (ms. peaches)

Let me explain my situation before we even conversate

See I’m involved with this female that just can’t be replaced

So I’m just looking for a friend are you interested?

Cause I would love to see you butt-naked lying in my bed

You won’t regret a mintue just tell me what you like

And I promise to make this the best night of your life

(now would you dine on me? ) sure baby only the best

(now would you treat me like a queen? ) only if you can pass the first test

Is the pussy good? ( you just got to see for yourself)

Well is you cold with it? (oh believe me this is the best)

It’s just me and you and I won’t tell nobody

So put your hands on my hips and let your neck get rowdy

If you suck my soulI’ll play with your emotions

So at the point of pentrationyour wetter than the ocean

Getting aroused by my every motion

As I’m getting aroused by your victoria secret’s lotion

I’m harder than an armadilliancan’t fight this feeling

If you get on all fourshoot that ass to the ceiling

As I apply the pressure as she starts to moan

Ohh if it’s it’s on...look

Why is you biting at that pillow babyscreaming my name?

(because your working that dickyou got me going insane.)

(boy you’se a soilder) I told ya ( how you keeping your composer? )

Cause right before we startedI smoked three gards of dolja

You getting the dope dickI prepared for this

Wanted to dick you down before I blasted

The plastic got the bed down better than average

It’s only been an hour and she’s speaking of marriage

I get upsetbut then I start to laugh and I can’t blame her

She’s been exposed to magic

No other man can make her feel like I make her feel

(shit I ain’t trippin on your wifeI’m trying to keep it real)

So what you sayin boo? cause I’m hoping that I’m hearing you

I told you from the jump there was no future in this

( so what you sayin? don’t I fulfill your biggest fantasy)

Nah to tell you the truth baby you bothering me

I undressed youonly to sex you

Gave you the dick and it must have impressed you

(man you shiesty ass niggas fucking make me sick

I wish I would have knownI would of asked you to lick my clit

Dont you recall the day that you begged for the pussy

Paided for the pussy)

Yeah but now I got the pussy

(you just a fucking same niggaain’t nothing changed

You just another lame nigga)

Magic (ms. peaches) talking:

Yeah yeah yeah

Whatever save all that shit

You know what? get the fuck out of I’m sick of your stupid ass (what? )

(fuck youI’ll get my shitI knew I shouldn’t have been fucking with you)

I ain’t got time for all this fucking shit (stupid ass nigga)

I got what the fuck I wantI got what the fuck I want

Get your ass outta here

(fuck you magic you know that) alright alright whatever

(it’s cool it’s cool

I knew I shouldn’t have been fucking with you bitch ass nigga

Fucking make me sick) get ya shit...get ya shit...

(that’s what all y’all niggas about)

Get ya...get ya shit and get the fuck out

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