Hank Williams Jr

Hank Williams Jr - On Trial

Order in the court I heard His Honor say

A man was called before the bench and his trial got under way

[ fiddle ]

You're standin' here on trial today the third time within a year

And each time you've been before me your drinkin' brought you here

The last time I gave you 30 days and a 50 dollar fine

Oh but you well know the price you'll pay won't be so light this time

For drunk drivin' is not the only charge that we have you on today

But also the light of a little girl the one you took away

As I sat there and heard the judge condemn the man's disgrace

I saw a look of pitty reflected on his face

I couldn't understand then why he was lettin' him go free

But as the judge continued to talk he made it plain to see

No I'm not gonna have you thrown into a prison cell

I want you out where you can walk through a life of living hell

I want you to see the tiny children as they come out to play

And let your mind take you back to the life you took away

You'll see a cold deathly picture in every bottle you get near

And when you put it to your lips your hands will shake with fear

You'll never get a goodnight sleep for always in your dreams

You'll see a car strike down a little girl and hear her painful scream

This is one disgrace that you'll never live down

For ever once in awhile you'll hear someone say

There goes the man that killed his only child

Case dismissed

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