Hank Williams Jr

Hank Williams Jr - Naked Women and Beer

You have caused your mother great distress

They're bound to even up the score

You'll get no sweeties anymore

They'll give your friends a talking to

Persuade them not to play with you.

They'll tell them 'bout your awful crime

There'll be no second chance this time

It seems they're out to take your skin

They'll cut you up and throw you in

They say you've led them up the path

And now they'll take their turn to laugh

They say they laid a careful trap

And now you've fallen in their lap.

They're out to make a sacrifice

And you're the one to pay the price.

It's no use knocking on the door

There's none can help you anymore

You've gambled and your chance was lost

And now you'll have to pay the cost

You wouldn't take your mum's advice

And now you'll have to pay the price

They say the piper calls the tune

You'll hear his music very soon.

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