Hank Williams Jr

Hank Williams Jr - I've Been Down guitar chord

I’ve Been Down

By Hank Williams Jr.

Intro Chords:

D Bb C G

D Bb G A

D Bb A D

Dm F G D

Blew my last twenty dollars on a Oiler’s football game

Dm F G D

I only lost by half a point, nothing ever goes my way

Dm F G D

Reagonomics and plastic people makin’ good luck hard to find

Dm F G D

All this stuff that’s goin’ down‘s really got me down this time


D Bb C D

I’ve been down but not this far before

D Bb G A

I been kicked around but never out the door

D Bb A D

I been down but not like this before

Well the preacher man talking on TV

He’s beggin’ for my only dime

I’d take another shot of whiskey

If I thought it’d get him off my mind


I had to find a way to get some money

Never thought I’d go this far but it’d mean livin’ out on the street

So I robbed a liquor store with my daddy’s army gun

Had to shoot a cop comin’ out the door and now, god, I’m on the run


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