Hank Williams Jr

Hank Williams Jr - Good

UnTiL eTeRniTY


HeRe aL0Ne Up In My Ro0m

WisHin I cOuLd Be ALoNe WiTh YoU

YoU wEre mY LoVeR aNd My FrieNd

WhY Did iT HaVe To End

Is iT ReAlly OveR

Cos I cAn'T sLeEp wiTh0uT y0u HeRe

I'm AfrAid i"ll dRowN iN mY owN TeArs

YoU wEre tHe ShAd0w bY My siDe

N0w aLL I do is cRy

I d0n'T wAnNa LiVe WiThoUt y0u

I wAs A f0oL aNd I Br0Ke YoUr HeArt

I'm g0In cRazY

PLeAse LisTen To mE LadY

NoW YoUr all ThaT I NeEd

I'm BegGin y0u pLeAsE

d0n'T taKe y0uR LoVe aWaY Fr0m Me

I'll gIvE YoU mY HeArt uNTil eTerNiTy


ReMiniSciNg oF HoW wE UseD To Be

I cAn feEl yoUr BoDy cLoSe To Me

I kn0e ThAt waS YesTErdAy

I ThRew It all AwAy

LeAvIng YoU br0KenHeaRted

I'll gIvE y0u mY HeaRt Til The eNd 0f Time

AnD if y0u TaKe

I Kn0e ThAt wE cAn MaKe iT

( I kNow ThAt We CaN mAke iT )

DarLiNg, n0w I'm DowN 0n mY KneEs

( I'm DoWn 0n My KnEeS )

bEggIng y0u pLeAse

( BegGing Yo0 pLeAse )

d0n'T TaKe y0uR LoVe aWaY froM Me

( d0N't taKe yoUr loVe Away FroM me )

i'LL gIvE y0u My HeArT

( I'll gIve YoU mY heArT)

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