Hank Williams Jr

Hank Williams Jr - Driven Away

Driven away day by day my love for you's turned to hate

The judge says it's my fault and I'll pay the cost

But God knows you're the one that's to blame

Adultery is the charge on these divorce papers before me

And it's true and that I won't try to deny

But Lord only knows the torture you've put me through

And I thought several times I'd surely lose my mind

Well I guess if I was suing you for divorce

Mental cruelty would be the charges I've make

Cause you've been tryin' to run my life and my mind for years now

And I finally had all I can take

Yes it's true that I went to another woman

Cause a woman's love is something a man can't live without

I know cause I've been livin' without it for a long time now

And in my mind there's no doubt

That I was driven away...

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