Hank Williams Jr

Hank Williams Jr - Be Careful Who You Love (arthur’s Song)


It's The Evil That Pens Do, we can't help it

Over instrumentals, you get dealt with

Got you nodding your head, until your neck breaks

We're professionals, do what you do best, and spectate

[Verse 1: Tonedeff]

Now, who gets nasty like this on a regular basis

Spent more time with a permanent pen than I ever did with erasers

I'm making these lame disgraces beg Eddie Murphy to trade their places

Curse their managers in church and disgrace their agents

Displaying the flagrant anger in me, in its raging stages

It's plainly outrageous…these cats is buggin like aphids

Been waiting to spray this in any face to face engagement

I be coming off of the cuff, leaving your girl with a pearl bracelet

I'm firm and invasive. You diss, the response is abrasive

I will warp your fuckin' mind, like Hunter Thompson in Vegas

And won't be stopping for ages. Kid, you're merit is gainless

The numbers speak for themselves just like alphanumeric pages

Im out to replace the haste and poor taste that restrain us

With more signature lines in masterpieces than famous painters

You couldn't cut it close with a sheen tracer

When nobody's watching, I'll take over your set like a screen saver

Please see to your behavior. Tonedeff is ominous

Tearing out your heart just like bitches with broken promises

Honest. My rhymes will keep you in astonishment

(With) so many lines, I got geometrists with doctorates with postulates

But I'm on top of it, send 'em back to the lab

Kids be kickin' battle raps about the skills they don't actually have

So, I tactfully, polysyllabically, drastically stab em

With more lines than the amount of times that Ive been asked to collab

With this masterful plan, put your balls in a sling

A Constant winner in the summer, even make comp fall in the spring

It's all in a blink, cause I be visionary

These are definitive times, yo, I hope you got your watch and dictionary

[Verse 2: Substanial]

Yall cliché like old sayings role playing like thesbians

You vagina fronting hard like a butch lesbian

You thought that we was done this is where the test begins

You feminine like estrogen riding the style like equestrians

This specimens invisible like ice cream trucks in winter

Contenders we get up in ya leave pussy straight tender

I'm warning ya suckers stay away if you're phonier

Than Milli Vanilli rocking a cubic Zerconia

No job rapper mooching off your mom rapper

Don't write lyrics you bite lyrics hard rapper

Battling to see who's wacker come back record rappers

Ending every line with the same word rappers

Sound familiar never should you familia

You rap clowns could give me pat downs I wouldn't feel ya

Vicious is my behavior you're hoping your man saves ya

'Cause I bring pain like wiping your ass with sand paper

Underground like a hermit as close as you come to perfect

Lyrically licensed to kill nigga you need a learner's permit

Simpleton I injure men from Washington to Michigan

Losers couldn't be like if our names were synonyms

Ill enough to get a quotable for my chorus

'Cause this my world and you faggots are just tourists

Meanwhile piranhas bite my whole style verbatim

But them niggaz ain't me that's exactly why I hate them


[Verse 3: Session]

With fantastic tactics you get your ass kicked

when I back flip and land heels first on your back, kid

voice wrapped in plastic, when I spit it, explosive

acidic, erosive, you get it in doses

battles? I'll have you shootin at me after

charge my brain when I connect my nerves to nuclear reactors

who can I be after, precisly laser guided

I catch burn on joints like arthritis when I write it

gettin excited, ya scared, grabs your guns tight

when I coughed, the sky divided, light blinded, GOD yelled guzuntight

I'll turn the market, wit hails of tunes

learn your target and trail wit goons, burn your carcass inhale the fumes

I bring heat in battle, what you come up wit is dull

I'll drop your water percentage, vapors comin up from your skull

I'll heat the toast, and beat on most

I slay you dead on the spot and speak to ghosts, defeatin most with preachin notes

I spit bricks and lift tenements, grab mics rip an event

hip hops fifth element

I hurt clowns, I don't push up I push the earth down

go the full nine yards and still get the first down

on one play have bums layed when my tongue spray

and you can't come back like gettin stuck on a one way

your lungs cave everytime you try and rip tracks

you suck so much your throat muscles get snapped when you spit raps

so get back, you gettin fucked for the last time like I dead slut

wit the size of my ego I'll hit the world wit a headbutt

step up, I got Tone, Stan, and Pack FM

while your rhymes is so pussy ya faggots attractin men!

[Verse Four: Pack FM]

Its the Evils That Pen's Do, Ya rhymes will be used against you/

With the mic as my untensil, I write rhymes monumental

If I offend you, I meant to. When I'm on an instumental

It's just so sentimental, Takin you back like a rental

Flippin scripts Like gymnastic actors, who practice back flips

On pissy mattresses, Knock worlds swallowed by galactus off axis

Cats want to be as nice as Pack is, but they don't practice

You're just a wack bitch, You ain't suptising me

You're over rated, like Barney parental advisoy

So why are these kids tryna be grimey and greasy

I'll fuck with you head, Not even eggs get over easy

These niggaz be actin sleezy, gettin up in my face

Girls try to touch me and tease me, I dealt with the case

You waste time, I lace rhymes with dopeness

For the MC's that quote this, I triple the dosage, call me the mic doc

Might rock the spot like after shocks

For niggaz who been rhymin' twice as long, and still don't have half the props

You have to stop...Your paragraphs make me laugh

Your whole crew can't even fuck with my faculty and staff

Send a memo to the seargant, tell him fire up the squadrant

Got these garbage niggaz chargin, sayin they'e butter when they're margerin

But they melt either way

I be the P the A C the K, See the way I flow is out of the norm

Schoolin' kids like a college, You'll get housed like a dorm/

With a ratio of shady hoes, We got the crazy flow

With a Substantial amount of Sessions at Deff Radio

(It's Like That Bitch!)


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