Hank Williams Jr

Hank Williams Jr - America Will Survive guitar chord

Hank Williams Jr.

“America Will Survive”


Verse 1

D Am7

People think it’s nearly the end of time


Cause we’re all together now we draw the line

D Am7

Our flag is up, the stock markets down


But now we’re united from the country to the town

D Am7

We live back in the woods you see


Big city problems never bothered me

D Am7

But the world has changed and so have I

G Am7 D

And America can survive

Am7 G D

America will survive

Verse 2

We can plow our fields all day long

We can catch catfish from dusk till dawn

Yeah we have toughed it out a time or two

Ain’t too many things these boys and girls can’t do

We grow good ol’ tomatoes we got home town pride

America can survive

America is going to survive


G Am7 D

Can’t stomp us out you cant make a run

Am7 G D

With them boys and girls with their freedom and fun

G Am7 D

We say grace, we say m’am

Am7 G D

If they don’t like that, we don’t give a damn

Verse 3

Come from the West Virginia coal mines

Rocky mountains and the big city skylines

We can hit back, and we’re going to be fine

This country can survive

America can survive

Verse 4

I had a good friend in New York City

He never called me by name he called me hillbilly

My grandpa taught me to live off the land

His taught him to be a good businessman

Used to send me pictures of the Broadway nights

I sent him some of granddaddy’s Williams homemade musky dime wine

He was lost like so many in the terrible strife

We’re all asking God now why o’ why?

A tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye

That’s an old slogan we’re going to revive

Cause America can survive

America will survive


Hey you can’t scare us out

You can’t make ‘em run

With them boys and girls got freedom and fun

We say grace we say m’am

If they don’t like that we give less than a damn

Verse 5

We’re from north California and south Alabam

And all they’ve done is unite this whole land

No more Yankees and Rebels this time

But one united people that stand behind


America can survive

America will survive

America can survive

America will survive

Chord Progressions: Verse: ( D Am7 , G D)

Chorus: (G Am7 D , Am7 G D)

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