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You're crazy
Guns N' Roses
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Tabbed by:      Jason                    and  Stephen Iggulden (solo)

Hmm.. off the top of my head

A G A G A G Em

D (multiple times)

A G A G A G Em

D (multiple times)
Em D C

repeat all

Ok... I'll try and explain how to play this. Play the A by fretting position
2 on the third and four strings. The G is played by playing open on strings
3 & 4. The important thing here is the rhythm.
Start with 3 strokes on the A, then syncopate between G & A a few times
before resolving to the D for a few strums. Note, when after playing the
open strings for the G, bringing your fingers back to position 2 should
dampen the sound, giving you the suncopation you want.

Best advice - listen to the record.

 Guitar solo:




Notation: qb = Quarter step bend
          hs = Half step bend
          fb = Full step bend
          /  = Slide up
            = Slide down
          p  = Pull off
          h  = Hammer on
          r  = Release bend
          ~  = Vibrato

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