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Itís so hard not to blame you
Itís hard not to put all the blame on you
ícause you knew from the start
There was one little part you would not let through
Iím sure there were even moments when you thought
You might someday finish what youíd begun -
But that couldíve been anyone

Couldíve been anyone
I lost my place in the sun
Wellnever mind
It couldíve been anyone.

So we all make mistakes
It just figures youíd make me the biggest one
I was saving it up
Now itís spent and I donít know
What I spent it on
Now I find if you try hard enough
You can wear it down ítil itís just about gone -
ítil you couldíve been anyone

You couldíve been anyone
Lost your place in the sun
Wellnever mind
Couldíve been anyone.

Your pattern is different
Than what it implies
The words may be true but
I realize -
It isnít description so much as disguise.
Donít worryyou can learn to live without
Youíve got a lifetime of that to draw upon
And anyway -

It couldíve been anyone
You lost your place in the sun
Lost your place in the sun
Ohyou lost your place in the sun
Wellnever mind
It couldíve been anyone
Never mind
Never mind
(I think thatís enough now)
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