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I thought I saw you crying on the stage
It must have been embarrassing
for some of your age
Success can't be that fun
You sweat, it makes your makeup run
I guess that's why you're full of all that rage
It seems as though we're left behind
'cause we're just normal guys
Haven't got the cash to empathise
Just cheer up
Get over it
Cheer up you little whinging shit
You bear your soul upon the lyric sheet
The pain you feel behind closed doors
of your penthouse suite
The tour bus and the backstage pass
The record company kiss your arse
The heavy burden of celebrity
It's not really hard to bear
Fucking easy life
And maybe one day you will realise
Open up your eyes and
Cheer up
It's the lucky few
That do the job you do
Now let me wipe away those tears
Take another pill, I'll buy you one of those expensive beers
Send a statement to the press
We'll talk about professional stress
They don't know the pain you feel
of another million dollar deal
So cheer up
Don't be such a nob
If it's so damn hard get a fucking job
Things don't look that bad
You're rich so don't be sad
Chief there's nothing wrong
You're not in Frenzal Rhomb, so fucking cheer up.
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