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Grateful Dead - Ramble On Rose guitar tab

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 00:53:26 -0500

From: Jesse Aaron

Subject: g/grateful_dead/ramble_on_rose.crd

Grateful Dead's Ramble on Rose (Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter)

Transcribed by

I took this song from the Europe '72 Album. Jerry slurs his lyrics a bit,

so listen closely if you want to figure those out.


(Just like Jack the Ripper')

D E7 F#m G D A (x2 for each verse)


(Did you say your name')

D G E7 G D A D (x1)

It sounds good if you walk up and down the bass string when going from G to

E7 back to G.


(I've gone and seen you')

Bm C (x3)

D A E7 A (on the last line)

Just listen to the song to get the rhythm right, nothing too hard about


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