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Grateful Dead - Eleven, The
Submitted By: RUN1911

High green chilly winds and windy vines
In loops around the twining shafts of lavender,
                 A      B
They're crawling to the sun.

Wonder who will water all the children of the garden
When they sigh about the barren lack of rain and
         A                 B           A
Droop so hungry 'neath the sky.  Ahhhh-Ayyy

Underfoot the ground is patched
     G#m              A            B
With climbing arms of ivy wrapped around the manzanita,
Stark and shiny in the breeze.

E                B
William Tell has stretched his bow
     G#m                 A
Till it won't stretch no furthermore
    B           G#m
And/or it may require a change
     F#m           D
That hasn't come before.

Jam on B

Transition (mostly Phil)   B  D  E  D

A   D   E   D
Jerry Riff

Now, here's the thing. This still varies a bit from Robert Hunter's listing. But it's as close to the Live Dead version as I could decipher.

        A    D       E    D       A      D   E       D
No more time to tell how, this is the season of what,
 A            D          E          D
(Eight sided whispering Hallelujah Hatrick)
           A    D    E            D
Now is the time of returning with thought Jewels
A        D   E         D
Polished and gleaming.
 A         D              E           D
(Six proud walkers on the jingle bell rainbow)
       A    D      E       D         A   D     E
Is the time past believing the child has relinquished
the rein,
 A         D           E          D
(Five men writing with fingers of gold)

A  D       E    D      A            D              E         D
Now is the test of the boomerang
                        (Four girls waiting in the foreign dominion)
A            D            E                 D     A
Tossed         in the     night             of redeeming.
(riding in the whalebelly Fade Away in the moonlight)
 A                D             E            D
(sink beneath the waters to the coral sands below)

Jerry Riff

(^) Slide Up  () Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend


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