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So Many Roads

 Last Updated 03/22/96

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F                 C
Thought I heard a blackbird singin'
G              Em
Up on Bluebird Hill
F         C                  G
Call me a whinin' boy if you will
F              C
Born where the sun don't shine
      G             Em
And I don't deny my name
G               D                C
Got no place to go, ain't that a shame

Thought I heard that KC whistle
Moanin sweet and low
Thought I heard that KC when she blow
Down where the sun don't shine
Underneath the Kokomo
Whinin boy - got no place to go

   Am           D
So many roads I tell you
   B7           Em
So many roads I know
C             G              Fmaj7
All I want is one to take me home
Am             D
Mountain high, river wide
   B7            Em
So many roads to ride
C       G               Fmaj7       Em     D
So many roads - so many roads

Thought I heard a jug band playin' "If you don't  who else will?"
From over on the far side of the hill
All I know is the sun don't shine
And the rain refuse to fall
And you don't seem to hear me when I call

Wind inside, the wind outside
Tangled in the window blind
Tell me why you treat me so unkind
Down where the sun don't shine
Lonely and I call your name
No place left to go - ain't that a shame

New York to San Francisco
So many roads I know
All I want is one to take me home
         Dm               B7
From the high road to the low
   Em           Am7
So many roads I know
C       G               Fmaj7    Esus4   E
So many roads - so many roads


From the land of the midnight sun
Where the ice blue roses grow
Along the roads of gold and silver snow
Howlin' wide or moanin' low
So many roads I know

G       D                C
So many roads to ease my soul
So Many roads to ease my soul ....


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    D         G          A
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