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Shining Star

 Last Updated 07/12/96

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Intro: B   Emaj7

       B          Emaj7
Honey, you are my shining star,
          B       Emaj7
Don't go away, oh baby.
          B             Emaj7
I want to be right here where you are
              B       Emaj7
Till my dying day, oh baby.

So many times I've tried to find
A love like yours and mine, oh baby
Girl, don't you realize how you hypnotize,
Make me love you each time, oh baby.

 A          E               F#         F# B F#       G#
Honey, I'll never leave you lonely,
A            E           F#                        G  F#
I'll give my love to you only, to you only, to you on-ly.

Many nights when we're lying here next to each other
Lost in love, oh baby.
Baby, when we touch, I love you so much
You're all I've ever dreamed of, oh baby.

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