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Russian Lullaby
Compliments Of Garcia

 Last Updated 02/02/97

General Rules On Chord Charts

Dbdim (11th Fret)
 Bbdim (8th Fret)
 Gdim  (5th Fret)
 Edim  (2nd Fret)           F#m/maj7
 Ebdim (1st Fret)
|---|---|---|---|---|  |---|---|---|---|---|
|   |   X   |   X   |  |   |   |   |   |   |
|---|---|---|---|---|  |---|---|---|---|---|
|   |   |   X   |   X  X   |   |   X   X   X
|---|---|---|---|---|  |---|---|---|---|---|
|   |   |   |   |   |  |   |   X   |   |   |
|---|---|---|---|---|  |---|---|---|---|---|
|   |   |   |   |   |  |   X   |   |   |   |
|---|---|---|---|---|  |---|---|---|---|---|

Intro:        Dbdim  Bbdim  Gdim   Edim

    (SN Bass)   A, C, C#

Dm   F#m/maj7 F        Bb Bbm   Dm      A7    Dm   C7
Every night you hear a croon, her Russian Lullaby,
F                    Bb Bbm F     Ebdim Gm  C         F
Just a plain, simple tune,   when baby      starts to cry,

(SN Bass   F G G# A)
A7            Bb A7 Dm   F    Bb        A7
Rock-a-bye my baby, somewhere there may be,
Dm                 (SN) D E F  (Chord)Gm
A land that's free,                   for you and me,
      Dm     A7    Dm    Bb  A7
And a Russian Lullaby.
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