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I love to hear that Rhapsody in Red


It just knocks me right outta my head

C#m C#m/C C#m C#m/C B

Lifts me up here just floatin' around

C#m C#m/C C#m G# A

Sends me way up and it don't let down


Let down, let down

I love to hear that Rhapsody in Red

On my feet or laid back in my bed

Takes me way back where I don't mind

Takes me way back in my time,

In my time, in my time

G# C#m F#

Sail away on that Rhapsody in Red

(Sail away)

G# B

Don't care where those other rainbows led

With all those Northern lights just blowin' away

Got no thought to relate in the same old way,

Anyway, anyway

Love to feel it flood down to my soul

Lovin' feel just like days of old

I sing blues where has it led

Gimmie some more Rhapsody in Red,

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