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Transcription notes:
-> Walk down to (A Gm F#m)
~> Slide to (4nd fret to 9th fret)

E A -> F#m
I woke today, felt your side of bed,
E B C#m ~> F#m E
The covers were still warm where you'd been laying.
E C#m Dmaj9 A -> F#m
You were gone, my heart was filled with dread.
E B C#m ~> F#m E
You might not be sleeping here again.


Dmaj9 A F#m D A E
But its all right, I love you. That's not gonna change.
F#m B E G#sus4 G# C#m
Run me round, make me hurt again and again.
C#m B A
But I'll still sing you love songs.
E A B G# C#m A
Written in the letters of your name.
E E (D bass) -> A -> F#m
And brave the storm to come, for it surely looks like rain.

E A -> F#m
Did you ever listen to the sound, of street cats making love,
E B C#m ~> F#m E
And guess from their cries that you were listening to them fight?
E C#m Dmaj9 A -> F#m
Well you know, hate's just the last thing they're thinking of.
E B C#m ~> F#m E
They're only trying to make it through the night.

(Instrumental Chorus)

E A -> F#m
I only want to hold you, I don't want to tie you down,
E B C#m ~> F#m E
Or fence you in the lines I might have drawn.
E C#m Dmaj9 A -> F#m
It's just that I've gotten used to having you around.
E B C#m ~> F#m E
My landscape would be empty if you were gone.

E E (D bass) -> A -> F#m
And brave the storm to come, for it surely looks like rain.

(from David Stern )
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