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Like A Road
Live At Keystone

 Last Updated 08/02/96

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G  Bm   C

         G   Bm        C
When the road gets too long
        G  Bm          C
And you run all out of sun
        G   G/F#  E7                  A     Dsus4   D
And the pain gets too much for you to bear
     C             G
Turn around, turn around
      B7                 C
Turn around, and I'll be there
       G            D            G     F  C   G
Like a Road, Like a Road leading home

When you wake up and start to cry
And you need some place to go
And you want some company that really cares

Turn around...

When the grey clouds pass you by
And the road you travel on
Doesn't seem to be goin' anywhere

Turn around...
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