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 Last Updated 01/10/97

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Emaj7        Dmaj7

Emaj7        Dmaj7
Soft dreams, hey summer nights
Emaj7                       Dmaj7
Wind blowin' gently through cloudy skies
Emaj7                   Dmaj7
I see that moon shinin' in your eyes,
      Emaj7      Dmaj7
Hypnotize, (yeah hypnotized)
          Emaj7       Dmaj7
I'm hypnotized, (yeah hypnotized)
Emaj7       Dmaj7
I'm hypnotized, (yeah hypnotized)

Hey girl what's on your mind
I want to love you all the time
You tell me mama what you want me to do
I'll make love and sing my songs to you,
  Esus4  B    E      B
Togeth- er,  yea-----ah

Bm7     E
Bm7     E

Chromatic Chords

Emaj7    Dmaj7


Emaj7    Dmaj7

Soft sighs, moon and sun
Laughin' together, being as one
And like the rhythym of the changin' tides,
We're hypnotized,
We're hypnotized


Chromatic Chords
(^) Slide Up  () Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend

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