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He's Gone -- Grateful Dead (Hunter, Garcia)

F F7
Rat in a train ditch, caught on a limb,

Bb C F
You know better but I know him.

F F7
Like I told you, what I said,

Bb C F
Steal your face right off your head.

F Bb F Bb F Bb C
Now he's gone, now he's gone. He's gone.

Bb C
Like a steam locomotive rollin' down the track,

Bb F F7/Eb Bb F
He's gone, gone, and nothin's gonna bring him back, he's gone.

Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride, hot as a pistol but cool inside.
Cat on a tin roof, dogs in a pile, nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile.

C Eb Bb
Goin' where the wind don't blow so strange,

C Eb Bb
Maybe off on some high cold mountain chain.

Eb Bb Ab
Lost one round but the prize wasn't anything,

Eb Ebm Bb C
A knife in the back and more of the same, same old.
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